Beating Breast Cancer with Food and Your Genes!

Beating Breast Cancer with Food and Your Genes!

So many of my friends have suffered with breast or uterine cancer and I see them diligently working to try to prevent recurrence.  Ladies, there is new nutritional science out there!!  Most of what you were told 5-10 years ago is wrong.

And, no mammograms do not prevent breast cancer – they simply detect if you have it or not and may even cause breast cancer.

The advice that you were told like eating a low fat diet, avoiding flaxseeds and non-GMO whole soy, and for some taking pharmaceutical drugs is old news.  As a matter of fact, eating foods high in plant estrogens or phytoestrogens, like flaxseeds, healthy fats and non GMO soy is actually preventive especially if you inherited certain genetic markers.

When we think of breast cancer and our genes, we think of Angelina Jolie and her testing positive for the BRAC1 gene and a subsequent a double mastectomy to prevent cancer.  But what is she had known more about how food can talk to her genes and help to prevent cancer?  What if there other genes involved in breast cancer not just BRAC1?

Guess what, there are other genes involved  called “epigenes” and those epigenes can be turned off or on helping to prevent cancer!   So what is an epigene?  We inherit genes from our parents that we cannot change but also inherit epigenes which are genes that can be turned off or on.  It is like a poker game – we  can’t change the hand that we are dealt BUT we can change how we play them.

And, those genes are highly dependent on what we eat, don’t eat, exposure to environmental toxins like products containing estrogen promoting chemicals (parabens, phthalates to name a couple).  And, lifestyle habits like alcohol, stress and lack of sleep.

I know that some of you are shocked at even recommending soy – non GMO soy but guess what, soy contains isoflavones which has been proven to lower estradiol levels!  Flaxseeds contain lignans which decreases levels of unbound and active estrogens which are implicated in breast and uterine cancer.

Other foods and a healthy gut act on those epigenes that promote cancer and turn them off and turn the right ones on.  Simply testing through my labs, Nutrigemonix and Genomic Solutions Now is the first step in developing your Food Roadmap for your Genes.  With my consult, I not only will guide you through your roadmap, but provide you with comprehensive plan to get your on your way to optimal health and true prevention of cancer!