Baby Aspirin Is Out for Heart Attack Prevention

Baby Aspirin Is Out for Heart Attack Prevention

We have often been told to take a baby aspirin to help prevent heart attack but the new science say – only if you have already had a heart attack or stroke.  The American Journal of Medicine reported in 2010 that baby aspirin does not help to prevent blood clots in coronary arteries.  And, in the latest Times edition noted that the FDA, due to mounting evidence, changed their guidelines to only take baby aspirin on a daily basis only if you have already had a heart attack or stroke.  Or, if you have acute symptoms, like severe chest pain.

Why the sudden retraction on this medical advice that we have been told since the 1990’s?  I was even told to take a baby aspirin just because my mother had heart disease – she was also diabetic and overweight.  So it made sense for her but why me?

More and more evidence shows that that daily use of aspirin can lead to bleeding stomach ulcers and in some cases bleeding in the brain.  Still want to take that “innocent” baby aspirin?

What I am seeing is people taking their baby aspirin with pain medications which can definitely lead to upset stomach, stomach ulcers and for some skin conditions like hives.  And, once they experience upset stomach and/or GERD, they start on stomach acid reducing medications like Prilosec.  A viscous cycle  begins which eventually leads to gut microbe imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, and potential gastric ulcers.

Should you even have aspirin on hand if there are so many negative side effects?  Yes, you should.  It is perhaps the number one medication given to someone who has a stroke or small stroke referred to as a TIA as it can prevent further damage from a blood clot.

If you are taking aspirin or other OTC medication like Advil for pain management, consider looking at your diet and reducing pro-inflammatory foods like commercial diary and commercial seed oils that are over processed like corn oil.  Try also using natural alternatives to pain management like, Integrative Curumax Pro which contains the powerful anti-inflammatory  Meriva® Curcuma longa Root and Rhizome Extract, and Boswellia.