Wasting Money on CoQ10 Supplements?

Wasting Money on CoQ10 Supplements?

Are you spending a bucket load of money on supplements like CoQ10, Vitamin D, Fish Oil Caps, and Curcumin?  You might just be wasting your money!  All of these are popular supplements are sold as the cure all to just about everything including reducing your risk for cancer.

If they are a cure all, aren’t they worth the money?

Let’s start with CoQ10 or Coenzyme Q10 – this nutrient is not really a vitamin and is actually an enzyme which is produced naturally by the body and is also found in small amount in meats, fish, nuts, seeds, and eggs.   CoQ10 has two major functions in the body – it plays a role in the production of energy and is a powerful anti-oxidant helping to “recycle vitamin C” and crush free radicals.

Most supplements of this substance are in the form of ubiquinone and research is showing that this supplement is extremely hard to absorb into the cells especially as we age or for those consuming a low fat diet.  This substance is fat soluble and depends on healthy fats to be absorbed and be transported in the body.  So whether you take supplements or depend on your diet to produce and transport CoQ10 – you need healthy fats like organic coconut oil or organic grass fed butter.

This substance is also heavily marketed to those taking statins drugs like Zocor or Lipitor as these drugs block the body’s natural production of CoQ10.  Research is mixed on whether supplementing helps with this side effect and maybe that is because there are genetic SNP’s or variants that reduce your body’s ability to convert ubiquinone into its active form known as ubiquinol which has a 300% greater absorption rate.

So let’s say that you spent over $40.00 per month of CoQ10 for one year thinking that you were compensating for the effect of your statin drug.  Or, maybe you were lured into the marketing of all of the benefits of taking CoQ10.

But what if you had that genetic SNP known as NQO1 which basically lowers your body’s ability to convert CoQ10 into its active form.

You basically have just wasted over $480.00!

There are two things you can do if you are concerned that you are not getting enough CoQ10 – increase your consumption of foods rich in CoQ10 or take the active form – ubiquinol.

Unfortunately, ubiquinol is very expensive! But it is the form that I recommend if I don’t have a genetic or genomic report on my clients.  This assures me that they are actually benefiting from the supplement and not wasting their money.  You also do not have to take as high a dosage to get the same effect.

Or, maybe you had invested in a genomic report and you found out you didn’t have this SNP!  And, you found out that you were great at absorbing and metabolizing fats.  Then you wouldn’t need to supplement at all even while on a statin drug.

This is where genomic testing really pays off – this is one lab test you only have to do once but now you are armed with the knowledge of how put together a truly personalized nutrition plan.  Contact me today to learn more or book your package today.

Next week I will be discussing another one of my favorite supplement – Vitamin D – and why you might be wasting your money of this one!  Or promoting inflammation by taking too much of this heavily marketed drug!