My Road Back To Fitness

My Road Back To Fitness

Earlier this spring, I injured my back and I was off the tennis courts for a few weeks!  And, that was not the only injury – my wrist, hand and my bursitis in my knee was becoming increasingly worse.  Not to mention my tennis game was falling apart.  That was a WAKE UP  call for me.

I have been pretty lucky throughout the years especially with all of my sports activities that I have been involved in – gymnastics, swimming, running, aerobics, weight lifting and now tennis!  But when my back injury was due to overuse, lack of stretching and just plain focusing too much on business, I decided it was time to get back into shape and focus a bit more on ME!

Getting back into shape at my age was going to require a bit more than just hitting the gym and changing up my diet.  As I learned in the past over exercising only contributes to more stress on the body leading to weight gain and possible injury.

With all of that joint pain, stiffness and bursitis (can thank my dog for that one as it injured my knee years ago) – these are all signs of poor detoxification and chronic inflammation!!!  Not mention chronic headaches.  A short detox program was in my first step in this journey.

I knew from my genomics that I had some detoxification issues so addressing that would be very important – what works for me, is lots of cruciferous vegetables – broccoli, cauliflower, kale (not my favorite), and radishes LOVE radishes.

Doing a vegan detox was out for me as I needed nutrients that better support my detoxification process found mostly in animal products. So with the help of these wonderful veggies, low sugar fruits like berries, organically raised meat, poultry and eggs as well as little help from some supplementation, I would be on the road to back to fitness and wellness.

As far as supplementation goes, I went Xymogen’s 6 Day Detox – why because it was the only program that had a lymph support product in it!  This would help to decrease pain and swelling and speeds recovery.  So join me on this journey on my road back to fitness and heck, I might even lose a little weight!