Balanced Hormones Starts In The Gut

Balanced Hormones Starts In The Gut

We don’t think of our gut health having anything to do with our hormone balance let alone our estrogen levels.  A healthy microbiota (those healthy bacteria in our gut) actually helps to metabolize estrogens keeping our estrogens at healthy levels.  It is those healthy bugs or bacteria that provide us with what is known as the the “estrobolome” and this part of our microbiota is being studied for not just its role in maintaining hormonal balance but what role it plays in protecting us against breast cancer.

So, just what does the “estrobolome” do?  In a healthy, abundant and diverse estrobolome, estrogens are broken down and eleminated through normal elimination processes.

So along with liver, estrogen balance can be achieved through the proper breakdown of steriod hormones – estrogens, testersterone and progesterone.

So what can affect your “estrobolme”?

  • Medications: Proton pump inhibitors (Prilosec) can impact the pH of the gut changing the composition of the microbiota.
  • Anti-biotics: There is now a large body of evidence that prescription anti-biotics as well as anti-biotics in food can impact the microbiotia killing off good bacteria.
    •  Glysophate (herbicide)  has been implicated as having an impact on the microbiota as it kills off good bacteria.
  • Obesity: This increases levels of estrogen making the job of estrobolome more challenging and creating more imbalance in the microbiome.
  • Diet: A diet that low in fiber, high in fat (especially unhealthy fats), and red meat decreased the normal healthy elimination of estrogen as compared to vegetarians.

A great first step to balancing those hormones is a healthy gut but it is also important to find out what your hormone levels through one of the most accurate testing known as the DUTCH Hormone Test.

What makes this test different than most hormone testing?  This test also tests for adrenal hormones (stress, cortisol) which has huge impact not just on our sex hormones BUT our gut health.  Now offering this comprehensive testing in my practice.  Book your nutrition and wellness consult to learn more about this test and get onto the path to restoring your hormonal balance.


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Reference: The Intestinal Microbiome and Estroen Receptor-Positive Femal Breast Cancer, Maryann Kwa, et al, JNCL J Natl Cancer Inst (2016)