Top 4 Reasons To Ditch Home Fragrances!

Top 4 Reasons To Ditch Home Fragrances!

Tis the season where we bring out the candles, Plug-Ins, and now we have the automatic spraying home fragrances with that little annoying noise as it emits a spritz of chemicals every few minutes!

Over 42 million Americans last year went through 6 cans of room “air fresheners” sprays – Fabreze being number one.  But what exactly is in that can of air freshener anyway?

And, what smells are we trying to hide?  Fido, or maybe the cat litter box?

I am all for a little pine and holly during the holidays from essentials oil as I miss the smell of the Christmas tree – but it seems like we getting a bit carried away with room fresheners!   In a recent trip to Montana, one small bathroom alone had 4 room deodorizers!  I was over whelmed and can’t imagine what it would be like for someone with multiple chemical sensitivities.

The problem with these artificial fragrances is that they are a chemical concoction consisting up to 24 different chemicals according to research conducted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG).  Due to a loophole in the Federal Fair Packaging and Labeling Act of 1973, ingredients used for fragrances do not have to be individually listed.

But why should you care?

The incidence of people acquiring “multiple chemical sensitivities” (MCS) has increased at alarming rates.  Know of someone who cannot tolerate fragrances?  Even from essential oils?  Over time the chemicals accumulate in the body from constant exposure to chemicals like diethyl phthalate, a known hormone disruptor, leading to poor detoxification and creates an allergic response to these chemicals.

Even CDC put an a statement for the workplace environment of the CDC – “The policy also states: “[The] CDC encourages employees to be as fragrance-free as possible when they arrive in the workplace. Fragrance is not appropriate for a professional work environment, and the use of some products with fragrance may be detrimental to the health of workers with chemical sensitivities, allergies, asthma, and chronic headaches/migraines.”

So, what are the top 4 reasons to ditch home fragrances and smell Fido instead?

  • Food Sensitivities – Foods naturally contain chemicals like histamine, tyramine and salicylates and over time constant exposure to these chemicals can lead to us be sensitivity to chemicals found in foods.  This can lead to malnutrition as we start avoiding healthy foods like blueberries or say, avocadoes that contain these chemicals.  Can also lead to poor gut health and auto-immune conditions with a constantly heighten immune response.
  • Migraines & Headaches – As we become more exposed to these chemicals, they build up in our bodies leading to allergic reactions. These allergic reactions can lead to high levels of histamine and other neurotoxic compounds leading to headaches and in some cases migraines.
  • Hormone Imbalances – Most of these chemicals are known to mimic estrogens and lead to high levels of estrogen creating imbalances. Imbalances or estrogen dominance can lead to PMS and in some cases cancer.  Top that off with have a genetic SNP known as CYP1B1, you can greatly increase your risk for cancer.
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivities – Eventually you can’t tolerate any fragrances including those from essential oils (especially earthy essential oils) as they cause an allergic reaction.

Instead of putting that Plug In in the wall – try using essential oils in a diffuser instead or better yet, enjoy the smells of cooking like the good old days!