Can’t Stand Perfume?  Home Fragrances?

Can’t Stand Perfume? Home Fragrances?

You may have what is called multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), a condition where you react to perfume, home fragrances, dryer sheets or even some essential oils.   Reactions can be everything from sneezing, stuffy nose, headaches or for some, their throat closing up.

There is no doubt that we are exposed to more chemicals than we have ever been.  Over 85,000 different chemicals are registered in the United States and are used in everything from our food, cosmetics, pesonal care products, cleaning products and home fragrances.

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), there are over 14 different chemicals or more that make up “fragrance” in some of the bestselling perfumes!  It has been shown that over time constant exposure to these chemicals can begin to affect the body’s ability to detoxify all of these chemicals.

This is commonly seen with women who work in salons – that constant exposure to those fragrances in shampoo, nail products and other hair products like products that are used to color and perm hair.  These same people will also react poorly to some detoxification programs or even to using some dietary supplements.

So what is going on?  What makes them different?  Could it be in their genes?

I often see clients react poorly to detox programs – even those just using some simple supplementation to support the liver.

The answer to this may lie in their genes – especially those are involved in the second phase of liver detoxification.  Gene mutation in catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT), SULT1A1 & 2 or they may have impairment in the production of glutathione (the anti-oxidant powerhouse).

For those nutrigenomic testing would be of great benefit at it narrow the nutritional support that they specifically need.  For instant, vitamin C, riboflavin and increased intake of cruciferous vegetables and avoid of alcohol would be of great benefit.

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