Fall – Great Time to Lose Those Pounds!

Fall – Great Time to Lose Those Pounds!

Are you putting off losing weight and improving your well-being until the New Year? Or, are you gaining back some weight that was successfully tackled earlier this year? In either case, consider the benefits of a “Fall Resolution” by starting now in October instead! Truth be known, the Fall Season is perhaps the best time of the year to start working toward your weight loss and health improvement goals. Below are some key reasons why you should not delay taking action and a proven method that will ensure your success.

Kids are back in school and your life goes back to “normal”

Planning is easier when you have a fixed schedule. Things are more relaxed in the summer, but when school starts structure returns. That structure gets you back into a regular routine and routines are the foundation of every successful weight management plan.

It’s Harvest Season.

Eating more vegetables, lettuces and fruits while cutting out processed food is an effective weight loss strategy and comes with multiple health benefits. Vegetable fiber helps regulate blood sugar levels which helps reduce your cravings. The freshest, best-tasting produce of the year is now available at your local farms, farmer’s markets and in the supermarkets – enjoy!

The weather is great for outdoor activities.

Physical activity is important and has great health benefits and helps stress management. Now the weather is right and the scenery is beautiful it makes it so much more fun. By taking advantage of the cooler, dryer weather, the lack of biting insects, and the fall foliage it is more invigorating to take long walks, bike rides and kick up your exercise routine.

Get ahead of the game – shedding pounds before the holiday season.

Besides the routine and structure that returns in autumn, there’s also no major eating holidays looming until Thanksgiving. This gives you the time to start reducing before facing the challenge of holiday festivities. By feeling more fit and balanced it greatly increases your mental edge and your chance for coming out of the season healthier and slimmer – rather than heavier and tired! Wouldn’t it be great to greet the New Year in front of your goal rather than behind it?

Truly Personalized Nutrition

Ensure Your Success!

Indeed, the Autumn season is a fantastic time to “Fall” toward a healthy weight and increase your activity.  But without the right plan your success is not ensured. To make sure you reach your goal and maintain it, the smart move is to develop a personalized metabolic balance® Nutrition Plan.

Created by analyzing your unique blood chemistry and health profile, this scientific nutrition plan solves the mystery of which foods, how much, and when to eat. With the guidance and support of your customized nutrition “road-map” and your personal coach, you are led toward success while re-balancing your metabolism and increasing your vitality. Your personal metabolic balance® nutrition plan restores your eating life-style, and reveals the life-style required to maintain your new weight, optimize your health and well-being.  Contact me today to learn more about this #1 weight loss program in Europe!  Or, sign up for our informational webinar – contact me today to sign up!