Here are some of my favorite books!

Here is a book that anyone who takes prescription medications on a regular basis should have in their library.  A great review of most drug and nutrient interactions and how you can compensate for.

Drug Muggers: Which Medications Are Robbing Your Body of Essential Nutrients–and Natural Ways to Restore Them

Omnivore’s Dilemma by Micheal Pollan This well written book goes through Michael’s own adventure of living on a farm where the farmer when asks what does he do, he says, “I grow grasses.”  This doesn’t make sense to Michael until he learns that this farm was far from conventional raising of animals without anti-biotics, pesticide ridden grains and letting them roam on his farm.  Great read especially if you at all curious as to why organic food is being sold everywhere including Walmart.


Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser This book has been around for a long time but again, worth the read.  It is a fascinating account of how fast food restaurants not only changed our diet overall but it’s impact on our immigration policies, how unions lost their control in the meat packing industry and why commercial meat is so bad for us.  It is truly “the dark side of the All-American meal”.


Here are some my favorite cookbooks!

The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook by Allissa Segersten and Tom Malterre – This is a great cookbook especially for those on a limited diet – gluten free, soy-free, egg-free and of course diary-free.  Too often cookbooks that are gluten-free offer poor nutrient value recipes using refined carbohydrates and lots of sugar.  This cookbook offers not recipes but valuable information on how to cook healthier overall.

Nourishing Broth:An Old Fashioned Remedy For The Modern World 




The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook; A Delicious Alternative to Lifelong Health 


Where to Find Stuff

  • Nuts.Com – Your resource for organic nut flours, organic nuts and even some baking mixes that meet my approval!


  • Weston A Price
    A non-profit, tax exempt nutrition education foundation.
  • Alliance for Natural Health 
  • Know what is happening with your consumer and healthcare rights in your state. Keep abreast as to what legislation is being bought up in your state and nationally regarding the FDA control over you consumer rights.