Restore Hormone Balance

What are some of the signs that your hormones are out of balance?  High anxiety or not being able to handle the day to day life stresses like picking up the kids at school is a truly sign that your adrenal hormones are out of balance.  And, that leads to sex hormones especially estrogen to go out of balance.

Digestion not so good?  Another sign of hormonal imbalances which leads to more digestive issues like constipation, heartburn/acid reflux or maybe you are having gallbladder issues.  Hormonal imbalance start the ball rolling and affect digestion.  The more your digestion is out of whack – the more your hormones get out of balance.  A vicious cycle.

The first step to balance the hormones is testing for hormonal imbalances.  I have not been a huge fan of testing for hormonal balances as most blood (serum) tests are incredibly in accurate.  I have experienced this first hand – at age 38 years old and suffering from extreme PMS, my blood tests showed I was going into early menopause!  Doctor’s recommendation was a hysterectomy! Since I like keeping my body parts, I started doing some research.  And, yes my blood tests were not very accurate!

Since this time, I have finally found the most accurate testing for hormonal balance – DUTCH – testing.  This testing does not use blood (serum) but urine and has been found to much more accurate.  This test also covers stress or adrenal hormones – so key to balance the hormones as the adrenals, thyroid and sex hormones all working together!  I will be having more on this exciting new test on my blogs as well introducing “Restore Hormone Balance” workshops this winter!



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