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Want to unlock the key to your optimal health?  Genetic testing is more than just testing for diseases like breast cancer.

The new science of nutrigenomics can answer those perplexing questions like why are my hormones out of balance, why do I get migraines – questions that doctors don’t have good answers for.

Even your digestion is tied to those genetic misspellings that you got from your parents.

Since the human genome project was completed in 2003, the discovery of genes and epigenes that are involved in everything from how we digest carbohydrates to cancer have paved the way for truly personalized nutrition and exercise plans.  For instance, it has been discovered that some of us can metabolized chemicals better than others explaining why some of us are more sensitive to drugs or chemicals than others.  Commonly called the Winston Churchill “effect”; a man that lived into his 90’s drinking alcohol and smoking until the day he died.

So, what is genomic counseling?  First genomic testing is not testing for what diseases that you might acquire like Parkinson’s.  Instead, it tests for the those misspellings that can lead to metabolic imbalances like diabetes, heart disease, auto-immune conditions, migraines, obesity and hormonal imbalances.  There are also the genes that can impact your nutritional status.  If you have had a nutritional deficiencies like iron, B12 or say vitamin D3 despite eating a healthy diet – the answer might lie in your genes.  These are also the genes are more impacted by our environment, nutrition and our lifestyle.  This means you have more control over how they are expressed through changing diet, supplementation and reducing exposure to toxic compounds.

Nutrigenomics Paves The Way For A Truly Personalized Nutrition, Lifestyle and Even Exercise Plan!

Fifty years ago, researchers barely knew how test for basic nutritional deficiencies and depended totally on symptoms to determine deficiencies.  Not true today!  We can now test for a broad spectrum of micro-nutrient deficiencies and sometimes just with a blood spot, saliva or urine test.  And, with genomic testing we can test for how well you absorb and utilize nutrients.

For instance, there are known genetic markers for poor absorption of vitamin A, B12, Folate and vitamin B6 to name just a few.  This test is a simple saliva test.  This leads the way to truly personalized nutrition!  This also begins to explain why some of do well on one diet while another does not.

Genomic testing is often offered in “panels” as there are over 1 million gene variants but only 100 are clinical significant.  Most panels offer any where from 15 to 85 different variants.  Some offer only one SNP but that is not advised as most of these markers all work together to maintain balance.  These panels usually focus on either a health condition, biochemical process like detoxification or overall nutrition status.

I now offer two nutritional panels that focus on nutrition, what is best diet for you, lifestyle habits, sports performance and bone and joint health.

23and Me Evaluation

Have you done a 23and Me test and not sure what to do with it other than contact your relatives and say, “Did you know that we have Native American in our ancestry?”.   Or, that you like salty food over sweet food.

Now offering 23and Me evaluation or for a more comprehensive evaluation, I also offer an evaluation that includes a functional nutritional assessment.  Functional nutritional assessment along with this evaluation are often used to address concerns like hormonal imbalances, multiple chemical sensitivities or an auto-immune condition.   Book your FREE genomic consult today.

I no longer accept test results that were done after August, 2017 due to fact that so many genotypes were removed from the test.  If you had completed the test prior to August 2017, then I can use that raw data for evaluations.

Book your FREE 15 min. Genomic Consulting appointment today to determine the right test for you.

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