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Eileen Schutte, MS, CN

When I grew up, medical doctors were thought to be “god like” in many ways. After all my uncle was a cardiologist so our family was highly respectful of medical doctors.  I even started my nutrition studies in the dietetic department (at time it was in Home Economics) hoping to be part of this medical system.     But after a total misdiagnosis that left permanent nerve damage on my face at age 23 as well as struggling with many different health conditions with no answers – I became very disillusioned and began to question not just our healthcare system but the nutrition advice that was being marketed to be the answer to good health.

Nutrition and Hormones

Throughout my life I have struggled with many different health conditions including the inability to manage my weight after following all of the latest diet advice. This included the one diet that had the biggest negative impact on my health – the lowfat diet.     After following the lowfat diet, I wasn’t getting any thinner, just fatter and began experiencing hormonal imbalance symptoms. At age 38, I was diagnosed as going into early menopause; my physician recommended a hysterectomy.

I began researching hormonal imbalances as I knew there had to be another way and found out that just about everything I had being told from my uncle, my doctor and the latest diet books were wrong.

How could they all be wrong?  Within two months of eating a balanced diet with healthy fats, my hormones balanced out and I starting losing weight.     And, that is when it became my passion to share my knowledge and help people not just lose weight but to take charge over their health!

medicationThe Era of Magic Pills

As I began to work with people on losing weight and becoming healthier, I soon realized that their strong belief in not our healthcare system but the latest diet and nutrition dogma would became one of my biggest obstacles in helping them. Most of what I was saying was totally not what they were told – eat more healthy fat, avoid high sugar low fat foods…

Meanwhile I could see them becoming sicker and sicker with chronic diseases and increasingly dependent on maintenance drugs that promised to “prevent disease”.    I continued to see this strong belief not just in the drugs that they were taking but their physician’s comments that “nutrition will not have much of an impact on their chronic diseases or disease prevention”. Even my mother who suffered with diabetes, only had one session with a dietitian. Pills is all she needed. She eventually had a major stroke and spent the last 6 years of her life in a nursing home.

Watching my mother struggle and knowing how much more I could have done for her was one of the driving forces for my passion to begin my studies in clinical nutrition and completing my masters in human nutrition.  I wanted to not just learn all I could about nutrition but how I could empower people to take control over their health density and take back their health.  You don’t have to accept A.G.E. as your diagnosis or “it runs in my family, nothing I can do about it”.

My biggest passion is to empower people and transform their attitudes and belief systems away from a defeatist attitude to one where they are in control over their health and live a long and healthy life.

canstockphoto0155205_girl BalanceI graduated summa cum laude from the University of Bridgeport, CT with a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition, certified LEAP Therapist and am a certified Metabolic Balance coach.  I continue to keep abreast of nutritional science by regularly attending seminars and nutritional conferences to keep current in the ever changing field of nutrition.

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