The dietary supplement industry is rapidly growing and is over 30 billion dollar a year industry.  There are many reasons for this and perhaps the number one reason is that the industry is loosely regulated.  This allows for companies to enter the market with products that are not properly evaluated for effectiveness as well as for quality.  At Unique Nutrition Solutions, I only offer and recommend nutritional products that I have researched not just for effectiveness and quality but the best value for my clients.  I work with many different vendors that are continually researching and updating their products based on evidenced based research.  The products that I carry are distributed by healthcare professionals (those holding an advanced degree) only.

At Unique Nutrition Solutions, I work with professional dispensaries providing you the highest quality products.  With these dispensaries, you must be my client in order to order products. Why?  My practice is not just about selling products but providing you with the most targeted product specifically for you.  Once you are my client, you will receive my product recommendations and be able to sign up for these dispensaries.

–  This dispensary carries over 200 vendors, giving me the greatest product offering.  There is no one supplement company that offers the best product for all conditions.  That is what is great about FullScript is their huge vendor offering enabling me to offer to you the most current product offering.  Once you are my client, you will receive an email from me with product recommendations and from there you will set up your own account.  Free shipping on your first order and after that free shipping with orders over $49.00.


Natural PartnersNPScript also carries a great product offering and include a wider variety of skin care products than other dispensaries.  Easy to order once you are given the access code which you will receive as my client.  Shipping is a flat rate of $1.99 and I usually recommend this dispensary if you are ordering less than $49.00 per order.



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Doctors Supplement Store – This dispensary carries a wide variety of vendors and also includes some of the small vendors like Biotics.  The dispensary offers flat rate shipping, loyalty programs and coupons for maximum savings.  For signing up for auto ship, shipping is FREE and you will receive  a 5% discount.


Dropped Ship – For my clients that are not comfortable with ordering online, I offer a drop ship service where the products that I recommend are dropped ship directly to your home and you will be invoiced.  I do however, require a credit card number to be on file and appropriate shipping charges apply.  All of my vendors use a flat rate shipping of $4.95-$8.95 per order. Orders above $250.00 ship for FREE.

Some of my favorite vendors that I respect for their research, quality and clinical studies:


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  • December 15, 2017 at 11:22 pm

    Hello. My father, now deceased, was a chiropractor and he ordered and used Picamilon during the last years of his life. My daughter is a medical doctor and can order Picamilon if you still provide it. The bottle we have here is called Picamilon Cerebrovascular and Stress Support and it has Unique Nutrition on the label. Do you still have this supplement available? If so, how would we, or my daughter, order it?



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