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Whether you are trying to find the root cause of your weight gain. migraines, fatigue, joint pain or just looking to achieve optimal health - you have come to right the place.

At Unique Nutrition Solutions, my first goal is to get to the root cause of why you cannot lose weight, are fatigued and feeling frazzled.  Have you have gone to your doctor and have started on medication yet the pounds don't go off and you still feel depressed, tired and in a brain fog.  Have you tried the latest and greatest dietary supplement to resolve your issue and that doesn't work?  It might be time to get to the root cause, learn the solution and take back your health!  All of my programs include the following and also offered as separate services.


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Offering free 15 minute Discovery Session - not sure nutrition consulting is right for you?  This gives both of us a chance to get know each other and to see how I can help you to reach your health goals whether that is to lose weight, address an auto-immune condition, or find the answers to your digestion issues.  Contact me today for your free 15 min. consult. 

Restore Hormone Balance

Feeling anxious, stressed out and fatigued?  Maybe it is your hormones? Hormonal balance can be a challenge is these days of stress, eating on the run and for some chemical exposure.

Hormones normally fluctuate throughout our life cycling including peri-menopause and even in menopause, our hormones will continue to fluctuate.  It when our hormones including our thyroid, adrenal and sex hormones get out balance we start to conditions like weight gain, lack of libido, fatigue and can't seem to handle the normal stress of day to day life.

Diet and our environment can play major roles in hormone balance but did you know that your genes can also influence your hormonal balance?  Toxins in our environment also play a major role in hormone balance.   Start on the road to hormonal balance today with my Restore Hormonal Balance Program.   Using the most accurate hormone testing known as DUTCH test by Precision Analytical in addition genomics testing - bringing a truly personalized hormonal balancing program to you!

Restore The Gut

The gut is ground zero for our health.  Starting with digestion and absorption of food - the gut provides us with the nutrients that we need for optimal health.  It is also where the body protects us from bad bacteria invading our bodies leading to infections like yeast overgrowth and over load of toxins.

Offering restore the gut programs that addresses what is really going on in your gut.  Starting with a simple digestion evaluation to my most comprehensive program that includes comprehensive testing including testing for gluten intolerance, yeast overgrowth, leaky gut and food sensitivities.

Genomic Counseling

Nutrigenomics is the science of how your genomics can affect everything from hormone balance, weight management, mental health to even digestion.  We are all uniquely different genetically and most of that difference comes from our ancestry. 

For instance it is known that the Japanese tend to have the genomics to process carbohydrates better than Northern Europeans allowing them to eat a high carbohydrate diet and NOT be over weight.  Northern Europeans on the other hand tend to not gain weight on a lower carbohydrate diet.  Are you on the right diet for your genes?

Incorporating genomic counseling into my programs gives me at truly unique approach to getting to your health goals based on your genes.  This allows me to maximize your genomic potential and reach your health goals whether that is balancing hormones, restoring the gut or losing weight.  Join me on this exciting new health and wellness frontier.

Offering genomic counseling including evaluation of 23and Me raw data as well as nutrigenomics panels through AnantLife.  In addition, to these testing offering genetic testing for health conditions like mental health, detoxification, cardiovascular disease through Genoma International.  


Break Through Weight Loss Programs

Gained weight and just can't not seem to get rid of those extra pounds?  Tried all of the weight loss programs out there?  Maybe it is time to try a program that is tailored to your metabolic needs instead a program that that is a one-size-fits-all program.

Tried losing weight and lost those 10-15 pounds pretty easily?  Then weight loss STOPS!  There are many reasons for the inability to lose weight including hormonal imbalances (sex hormones, adrenal hormones), toxicity, stress and poor gut health.

And, then there is the genomic component which can have a huge impact on your ability to lose weight or even to maintain weight if you are on the wrong diet.  For instance, vegan diets are touted as the answer to weight loss but for some of us (including myself), it is the one diet that will put on the pounds!!  My programs includes optional genomic counseling to make sure you are on the right weight loss diet for you!

Want to learn more?  Make your free 15 min. Discovery Session to learn more.

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