Adrenal Fatigue Recovery

jeans-tapeStress Making Your Jeans TIGHT?

We live in a hustle, bustle time with constant information overload.  How many times have you checked your phone in that last hour?  We over schedule our time, work long hours and are slaves to our electronic devices.  But what impact does this have your health in the long run?

Chronic stress eventually leads to hormonal imbalances that lead to weight gain, fatigue, thyroid disorders and in some cases auto-immune conditions. In addition, chronic stress from illness, tragedy and just plain life events can eventually trigger genetic mutations that can lead to disease. Have you ever wondered why auto-immune, obesity and diabetes as well conditions like MS and ALS are on the rise?

Chronic stress is a Metabolism BUSTER!

  • Your fat metabolism favors STORING not BURNING!
  • Gut Health – SIBO, Dybiosis, and Leaky Gut Can all Result from Chronic Stress!
  • Your body stops building muscles!  What does that mean – slower metabolism!
  • You produce less Thyroid Hormone!
  • You age faster – bye bye to that youthful look!
  • Insulin Resistance – Welcome to Pre-Diabetes!
  • Digestion not so great?   Gut Health Is Compromised!
  • Your Belly Gets Bigger!


Learn how you can balance out those stress hormones and get your metabolism up and running again.

  • Won’t it be great to able to eat a treat meal once and in a while and not gain 5 pounds?

  • Won’t it be great to feel energized and get into those skinny jeans?

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Join me in my informational webinars on my stress hormone recovery program!  This program is more than just recommending mediation or other relaxation methods,  but finding just what hormones are out of balance and how you can get them back in balance, naturally.  

Program includes a comprehensive lab testing, evaluation and recommendation on what you can do to restore your health and metabolism!  Webinars on this program coming this February.  Please sign up for my newsletter and events announcement for additional information and dates. 



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