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Veggie Banner_croppedWant to unlock the key to your optimal health?  Genetic testing is more than just testing for diseases like breast cancer.  The new science of nutrigenomics can answer those perplexing questions like why I am fatigued, why do I get migraines – questions that doctors don’t have answers for.  Even your digestion is tied to those genetic misspellings that you got from your parents.  Since the human genome project was completed in 2003, the discovery of genes and epigenes that are involved in everything from how we digest carbohydrates to cancer have paved the way for truly personalized nutrition and exercise plans.  For instance, it has been discovered that some of us can metabolized chemicals better than others explaining why some of us are more sensitive to drugs or chemicals than others.  Commonly called the Winston Churchill “effect”.

Nutrigenomics Paves The Way For A Truly Personalized Nutrition, Lifestyle and Even Exercise Plan!

Fifty years ago, researchers barely knew how test for basic nutritional deficiencies and depended totally on symptoms to determine deficiencies.  Not true today!  We can now test for a broad spectrum of micro-nutrient deficiencies and sometimes just with a blood spot, saliva or urine test.  And, with genetics testing we can test for how well you absorb and utilize nutrients.  For instance, there are known genetic markers for poor absorption of vitamin A, B12, Folate and vitamin B6 to name just a few.  This test is a simple saliva test.  This leads the way to truly personalized nutrition!  This also begins to explain why some of do well on one diet while another does not.  Contact me today to learn more and how you easily start your path to a truly personalized plan.  Genomic testing and consultation packages $349.00!

Nutrigenomics Testing

Now offering genetic testing for gluten sensitivity to the top 45 genetic SNP’s that are involved with your ability to absorb and metabolize certain nutrients like vitamin D.  This is a great way to learn about how your body absorbs and metabolizes nutrients.  Packages start at $295.00 which includes the lab test, comprehensive report outlying your unique nutritional needs, food plan recommendations based your personal needs, and dietary supplement recommendations (if needed).


Nutrigenomix Logo 2Nutrigenomix offers two comprehensive reports – on for overall nutrition and now a comprehensive sports panel testing over 45 genetic markers.  Packages start at $395.00 which includes not just this great report but how this genetic markers including methylation can impact your over all health and wellness.

Genetic Testing vs Genomic Testing

Most people know that “genetic testing” refers to measuring traits that are passed from one generation to another. Traits like hair color or eye color, or diseases such as hemophilia, sickle cell disease or cystic fibrosis are examples of inherited characteristics. A genetic mutation results in a complete loss of function of that gene, resulting in a breakdown of metabolic functioning, and most often leads to a disease condition.

In contrast, “genomic testing” refers to evaluating subtle variations in a person’s DNA, called SNPs (pronounced snips), that result in the way a gene expresses itself. These SNPs may have the potential to create disease and premature aging. The good news is that a majority of these problematic gene expressions can be overcome by changes in diet, lifestyle, environment or with nutritional supplements.

These gene variants (SNPs) can be inherited or occur spontaneously when DNA undergoes replication, a process that takes place when cells divide.

Knowing how these SNPs impact your biochemistry and metabolism, AND knowing how to correct them, can be instrumental in avoiding or postponing many of the chronic diseases that are associated with aging, such as heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

At GENOMIC SOLUTIONS NOW® we have the tools, expertise and skills to unzip your DNA, identify your genomic predispositions and then recommend, based on evidence-based research, specific action steps to reduce your risk for chronic diseases that can impact your quality of life and peak performance as you age.


  • CardioMetabolic Genomic Panel
  • Complete Health Genomic Panel
  • Detox Genomic Panel
  • Detox Complete Genomic Panel
  • Emotional Health Genomic Panel
  • Immune Health Genomic Panel
  • Nutrient Utilization Genomic Panel
  • Sports and Exercise Performance Genomic Panel
  • Ultimate Health and Wellness Genomic Panel
  • Weight Management PLUS Genomic Panel

Packages start at $700.00 which includes the lab test, full interpretation, comprehensive nutritional assessment and lifestyle evaluation (value $140.00), food plan and dietary supplementation recommendations (if needed).  Also, includes access to my personal dispensaries.

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