Healthy Skin

Dry itchy skin, psoriasis, eczema?  The second most common reason people go to the doctor is for skin problems like psoriasis, eczema and rosacea.  What is the common protocol? Prescription creams that contain steroidal components.  There are now over 182 different prescription creams just for eczema; some cost as much as $325.00!  Do they work?  Yes, in most cases but they have side effects such as thinning the skin and it making it more suspected to other skin conditions like auto-immune psoriasis.

We often think that using skincare products that our skin is protected and will stay young looking.  But often this means that we are just covering up the problem, not promoting healthy skin. The best way to support healthy skin is to start in the gut and eat a whole food diet that is anti-inflammatory.

Common Skin Conditions That Start In The Gut

Psoriasis – An auto-immune conditions which is highly related to metabolic conditions and usually linked to poor gut health.  Who knew that skin could be so reflective of what is going on inside? Our skin is our largest organ and plays major roles in protecting us but one of the best ways to keep our skin healthy and youthful looking is to make sure we have a healthy gut!

As someone who has suffered with psoriasis, eczema and now skin rashes are that are totally reflective of gluten sensitivity, I know first hand how poor gut health, stress and nutritional deficiencies can be reflective in our skin health.

After losing our house in a devastating fire in 2012, the stress, poor eating habits with poor gut health eventually took its toll.  My dermatologist had never seen such a horrible out break of not just psoriasis, but a scalp infection known as seborrheic dermatitis (you don’t know what this looks like) – sent me home with a bunch of creams, shampoo and some horrible scalp treatment.  They worked initially but eventually they actually burned my skin!  That is when I knew that this had to be rooted in my gut health, chronic stress and nutritional deficiencies.  So if you have chronic skin conditions, it might be time to make an appointment to get to the underlying cause rather than just treating with creams and medicated shampoos.  Make your appointment today!