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Are your tired of being fat, fatigued and just plain frustrated on not able to reach your health goals?  Start with a free 15 minute discovery session regarding your health goals and how you can start to truly take control over your health.  I consider this consultation a time for me to learn about you, your health needs and how I can help to move you forward to a healthier you. Contact me today and learn how I can tailor a program for you that will energize you and get you to feeling great again!

Please sign up through Healthie using the link in the side bar.  From there, you will be sent an appointment reminder with the links to the appointment.  This appointment is done over video conferencing or over the phone.

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Your health is my number one goal!

A little bit about me – I have overcome many health challenges throughout my life where there was no pill or surgery but was able to heal my body through nutrition and lifestyle changes. This has driven my passion to help others overcome health challenges like hormonal imbalances, auto-immune and poor gut health – all of which medications do nothing but create more harm than improve health.  I have 5 years of experience helping others and have a masters degree from a nationally accredited university in human nutrition, am a certified lifestyle educator and am completing my certification in functional nutrition.  My approach is a truly science based approach with true compassion and empathy as I have “been there” and am devoted to helping you succeed in your health goals!  Eileen Schutte, Clinical Nutritionist



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