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Whether you are trying to find the root cause of your weight gain. migraines, fatigue, joint pain or just looking to achieve optimal health - you have come to right the place.

At Unique Nutrition Solutions, my first goal is to get to the root cause of why you cannot lose weight, are fatigued and feeling frazzled.  Have you have gone to your doctor and have started on medication yet the pounds don't go off and you still feel depressed, tired and in a brain fog.  Have you tried the latest and greatest dietary supplement to resolve your issue and that doesn't work?  It might be time to get to the root cause, learn the solution and take back your health!  All of my programs include the following and also offered as separate services.


FREE 15 Min. Discovery Session!

Offering free 15 minute Discovery Session - not sure nutrition consulting is right for you?  This gives both of us a chance to get know each other and to see how I can help you to reach your health goals whether that is to lose weight, address an auto-immune condition, or find the answers to your digestion issues.  Contact me today for your free 15 min. consult. 

Break Through Weight Loss Programs

Gained weight and just can't not seem to get rid of those extra pounds?  Tried all of the weight loss program out there?  Maybe it is time to try a program that is tailored to your metabolic needs instead a program that that is a one-size-fits-all program.

All levels of my weight loss program includes a functional nutrition/medicine evaluation uncovering the underlying cause of your weight gain.  It could be chronic inflammation or nutritional deficiencies.  If those are not addressed then you will never lose weight - oh, you might lose 15 or so pounds but the weight loss stops.

Want to learn more?  Make your free 15 min. discovery session to learn more.

*This programs do not include functional lab testing as this will different for everyone.

Optimal Nutrition Program

Want to really compliment your annual physical with your medical doctor?  Or, maybe you want to get down to why you are feeling so fatigued, joint pain and just not feeling right.

My Optimal Nutrition Programs are more than just reviewing a food journal and questionnaire but really getting down to the functional level looking why you are not feeling your best.

Or, maybe you want to truly prevent disease, feel great into your 80's.  Got to admit the AGE diagnosis is getting a bit old!  Program starts as low as $449.00 which includes comprehensive lab work.  Want to go a step further now offering programs with nutritional levels evaluated and genomics.  Looking not just where you are right now but how you can prevent nutritional deficiencies in the future.

Functional Lab Testing

What is functional lab testing?  As a certified functional nutritionist, I evaluate lab work looking for clues as to the underlying root cause of your condition.  Whether that is your inability to lose weight or you are suffering from symptoms that you can't find the answer for.   Too often doctors only pay attention to the lab results that are "out of the lab range" - this is where the detective work comes in.  Looking where optimal levels are and not "disease" levels gives me the clues that I need to get to the root cause.

Most of the lab work evaluated is common lab done by your doctor. However, I often will recommend additional lab work and work with labs that offer these tests at reasonable prices.  I also offer comprehensive lab testing for food sensitivities/intolerances, gut health including leaky gut, auto-immune conditions and genetic testing.


Genetic Testing & Nutrigenomics

Nutrigenomics is the science of how nutrition and lifestyle affects our genes or more precisely - epigenes.  Offering genetic testing and evaluation to assist you on achieving your health goals.  Your genetic make up can not just affect what diseases that you are more likely to get, but your ability to burn fat or metabolize say, vitamin A.  Currently offering methylation panels, nutrition panels through Nutrigenomix and comprehensive health panels through Genomics Solutions Now.  All my genetic testing comes with personalized nutrition plans, recipe sets and road maps on what foods speak to your genes.

Metabolic Health – Weight Loss

Have you tried all of the weight loss diets - Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig?  You lost weight initially but as soon as you went off of the diet plans, you gained the weight back.  Maybe it is time to try something different?  Offering metabolic balance® - one of the number one weight loss programs in Europe.  Why does it work?  This plan is about balancing your fat metabolism hormones - insulin, leptin, blood sugar - getting your metabolism back to burning fat, not storing fat. 

Restore The Gut

The gut is ground zero for our health.  Starting with digestion and absorption of food - the gut provides us with the nutrients that we need for optimal health.  It is also where the body protects us from bad bacteria invading our bodies leading to infections like yeast overgrowth and over load of toxins.

Offering restore the gut programs that addresses what is really going on in your gut.  Starting with a simple digestion evaluation to my most comprehensive program that includes comprehensive testing including testing for gluten intolerance, yeast overgrowth, leaky gut and food sensitivities.

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Healthy Gut Programs

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metabolic balance

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Genetic Testing

Want to unlock the key to your optimal health?  Genetic testing is more than just testing for diseases like breast cancer.  The new science of nutrigenomics can answer those perplexing questions like why I am fatigued, why do I get migraines – questions that doctors don’t have answers for.  Even

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Nutritional Assessment

We go to the doctor for our annual physical or we used to anyway.  It is no longer recommended to have a yearly physical with your medical professional unless you are on medications due to the rising costs of healthcare in the United States.  Twenty years ago it was recommended

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