Functional Testing

Lab TestingWhat is Functional Testing?

Functional testing goes beyond looking at commonly done lab work done at your doctor’s office that is done to see if you are “diseased” or if medications might be the answer to relieving your symptoms.  Instead, functional testing is using lab work and evaluation looking to see if you are at optimal levels not “diseased” level.  It is also looking for clues as to the underlying root cause.

For instance, high cholesterol especially high LDL, that is above 100 can be caused for various reasons not just from metabolic causes, i.e. obesity, diet high in cholesterol.  Most recommendations for high LDL is that it caused by a diet high in cholesterol and obesity, so we get recommendations to change our diet, to lose weight and are prescribed a anti-cholesterol drug (statin).   But high LDL may be a sign of chronic inflammation and chronic infection.  That is where functional testing comes in looking at the complete picture trying to determine the underlying cause for the high LDL.

Another classic example that I see all of the time is not properly evaluating thyroid health through lab work done at your doctor’s office.  Too often women suffering from low thyroid symptoms (weight gain, constantly cold, hair loss, dry skin) go to the doctor and tests are only run on their TSH levels and not doing a comprehensive metabolic panel as well as a complete thyroid panel.  They are put on thyroid medications and off they go thinking that this will relieve them of their symptoms.  After a few months, a few pounds are lost put nothing much else changes.  So is it really their thyroid?  That is where functional testing comes in.

Lab Testing Offered at Unique Nutrition Solutions

  • Food Intolerance Testing – Programs Start at $249.00 including lab test fees and 45 min. consult 
  • ALCAT Food Sensitivity/Intolerance Testing  
  • Comprehensive Stool Testing – GI/Pathogen Screening  
  • Organic Acid Testing and Microbiology Organic Acid Testing
  • ELISA/ACT Testing – Comprehensive Immune Response Testing 
  • Genomic Testing for Chemical Intolerance, Auto-Immune, Weight Management, Methylation & Cardio
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panels/Complete Blood Count – Offered through Doctor’s Choice (Quest Labs) 

Specialty Testing

  • Adrenal Health Testing – Cortisol (4X) and DHEA-S – Cell Science & BioHealth 
  • Thyroid Panels – Comprehensive Panels including RT3
  • Hormonal Testing – Metabolic Hormones and Sex Hormones
  • Genetic Methylation Testing (MTHFR, MTR, MTTR, COMT) – Done through Cell Science
  • Gut Pac – Vibrant Wellness – Gluten Intolerance, Microbiology, Leaky Gut, Auto-Immune
  • Gut Immune Test – Testing your intestinal barrier function and is through The Great Plains Labs
    • How well is your intestinal barrier protecting you?  The heart of our immune system resides in our intestinal barrier as it protects our whole system from harmful bacteria and in many cases overgrowth of yeast and fungus.
  • The Great Plains Labs Stool Test – This stool testing looks at the presence of ova and parasites such as protozoa, flatworms, or roundworms, Cryptosporidium parvum, Giardia lamblia antigens in stool, bacteria, fungi (including yeast) and occult blood.
  • Organic Acid Testing by Great Plains Labs; comprehensive testing with specialist in testing for systemic yeast/fungus infections.  Also testing through urine for gluten sensitivity.
  • Genomics Testing – Genomic Solutions Now – comprehensive panels for nutrition, sports, heart health, complete health, detox, medications/detoxification.
  • Hair Testing – Analytical Research Labs, for metal toxicity and nutritional status.
  • Fatty Acid Testing – Are taking fish oil caps and haven’t had your EPA/DHA panel done?  Simple blood test for $85.00 will easily determine if you should be taking them or MAYBE you are taking the wrong ones and actually creating more harm than good.

All lab testing requires an additional $75.00 interpretation fee if done independently of a program.  Organic acid testing evaluation is $150.00 due the high number of lab values covered in these tests.  You will be sent the test kit from me and shipping charges apply.  After submission the test results will be sent to me and and I will contact you for your consult.  

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