We don't think of our gut health having anything to do with our hormone balance let alone our estrogen levels.  A healthy microbiota (those healthy bacteria in our gut) actually helps to metabolize estrogen helping to keep our hormones at a healthy level.

It is those healthy bugs or bacteria that provide us with what is known as the the “estrobolome” and this part of our microbiome is being studied for not just its role in maintaining hormonal balance but what role in protecting us against breast cancer.

So, just what does the “estrobolome” do?

In a healthy, abundant, and diverse estrobolome, enzymes that are specific to breakdown hormones are produced.  Poor gut microbiome and poor detoxification through the liver can lead to estrogens being recycled leading to estrogen dominance which can increase your risk for breast cancer.

What Can Affect Your Estrobolome Causing Hormonal Imbalance

  • Dysbiosis – Imbalances in the gut microbiome can occur when opportunistic bacteria like yeast overgrowth takes over the good bacteria reducing the estrobolome ability to breakdown hormones.
  • Poor Digestion – Struggling with GERD, heartburn or other digestive issues?  Than are probably not producing enough enzymes and stomach acid leading to imbalances good bacteria reducing the ability of the estrobolome ability to breakdown hormones.
  • Medications: Proton pump inhibitors (Prilosec) can impact the pH of the gut changing the composition of the microbiota.
  • Anti-biotics: There is now a large body of evidence that prescription antibiotics, as well as anti-biotics in food, can impact the microbiota killing off good bacteria.
    •  Glysophate (herbicide)  has been implicated as having an impact on the microbiota as it kills off good bacteria.
  • Obesity: This increases levels of estrogen making the job of estrobolome more challenging and creating more imbalances in the microbiome.
  • Diet: A diet that low in fiber, high in fat (especially unhealthy fats), and red meat decreased the normal healthy elimination of estrogen as compared to vegetarians.

If you are struggling with digestive issues, food sensitivities/intolerances, chronic infections, and allergies – then your microbiome is probably not that balanced leading to poor estrobolome.  Get on the road to restoring hormone balances with my Heal the Gut, Healthy Program which includes the most accurate food sensitivity testing and gut restoration program.

Begin Your Hormone Balancing Journey with Testing Your Hormones

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What makes this test different than most hormone testing?  This test also tests for adrenal hormones (stress, cortisol), neurotransmitter balance, nutrients like vitamin B12, B6 as well as oxidative stress. 

In addition, this test gives a glimpse into whether you may have genomic markers for breast cancer like COMT and test for those estrogen metabolites that have been implicated in breast and uterine cancer.  Start today onto our restoring your hormones by making your “Restore and Rebalance” strategy session.  Want to get started right away?  Book your Road Map to Wellness consult today!

Reference: The Intestinal Microbiome and Estrogen Receptor-Positive Female Breast Cancer, Maryann Kwa, et al, JNCL J Natl Cancer Inst (2016)