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Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Recovery

Chronic Fatigue

Fatigue wasn't ever an issue now it is hard to get out of bed.  Let alone go for a run.

Muscle, Nerve Pain

One of the key signs of toxicity is nerve and muscle pain.  

Depression, Anxiety

It starts with nightmares and soon you start to experience depression and anxiety.

Tendon Damage

You are afraid to go for a run or even a walk for fear of tearing your Achilles tendon.

Have Been Floxed?

When we think of the side effects of antibiotics, we usually think of digestive disturbances and upset stomach.

What doesn’t come to mind is tendon rupture, tendonitis, nerve damage and pain, chronic fatigue, nightmares.  Even hearing loss.

In April 2018 I watched my husband barely get up in the morning suffering from “burning knees”, extreme fatigue, nerve pain and ringing in the ears.

He even got golf elbow (diagnosis from his doctor) despite not playing golf or doing repetitive action using his elbow.

Funny, this cleared up after he started recovery from the initial onset of systematic tendinitis.

In 2016, the FDA issued a black box warning on just these side effects on a class of antibiotics known as Fluoroquinolones.  These antibiotics are often prescribed for urinary tract infections and upper respiratory infections.

Have you been floxed?  Are you ready to get started on your healing journey?

 Fluoroquinolone Toxicity

Fluoroquinolone toxicity causes many biochemical imbalances including reducing the body's ability to produce antioxidants.  The key areas of imbalances lead to increased oxidative stress, damage to gut microbiota, poor collagen synthesis, and damage to our mitochondrial DNA.  Eventually chronic oxidative stress leads to epigenetics changes; genetic signalling that gets “turned on”.   This leads to the many symptoms of toxicity including chronic fatigue, nerve pain, anxiety, and potential tendon damage.

What Makes My Programs Different

In most cases, you have gone to your doctor, and he ran a few blood tests.  Most, if not all, came back “normal.”  But are they testing for the imbalances that commonly occur with fluoroquinolone toxicity? 

The first step in your recovery is testing for the imbalances that occur with being floxed using integrative testing and customized lab panels.  That is why all of my packages include lab testing to start your recovery with the right nutrition plan and targeted supplementation.

Does your doctor look at your health history, including your family's health history?  For my husband, thyroid conditions run throughout his family.  Research shows that a history of thyroid conditions can significantly impact how you may respond to fluoroquinolone antibiotics.

Your health history and profile are crucial to determine why you become so toxic after taking this class of antibiotics.  With my comprehensive functional medicine evaluation, we can start to unlock the keys to your recovery.

Get Started on Your Recovery Today!

Floxie Solution Packages

The key to your recovery begins with a comprehensive functional nutrition evaluation to get started on your customized nutrition plan and targeted supplements that work.  Stop the guessing and get on the right path to your recovery!


Comprehensive Functional Medicine Evaluation

Your health history and nutritional status is your first step in recovery.  From this evaluation, you will begin on your customized nutrition plan and targeted dietary supplement protocol.

Functional Nutrition

Customized Blood Lab Test Panel

This customized lab panel goes beyond what your doctor has completed.  Testing for the right values is the key to developing your road map to recovery.  You will be given full instructions on how to have your blood drawn.

Integrative Testing

All programs comes with the Organic Acid Test by Great Plains Labs.  This test is key to your recovery and in developing your road map to recovery.  Stop the guessing on what nutritional support, what diet, and what you need to resolve your symptoms.  Level 2 and 3 include advanced testing for food sensitivities, immune response, and genetics.

Functional Nutrition

Comprehensive Nutritional Guidance 

There is no doubt your recovery will require restrictive diets for some time. With my packages, you will receive easy-to-follow nutrition road maps, recipe sets, and guides to help you stay on track.  Bi-weekly consults will guide you through your nutrition programs assuring success in your recovery. 

Floxie Solutions Programs

Your recovery depends on a customized nutrition plan, targeted supplementation, and integrative testing.  Contact me to learn what the best program is for you.

Programs Include

Functional Nutrition

Nutrition Road Maps

Easy guides to help you stay on your customized nutrition plan.  Going on restrictive diets is never easy but with my road maps, you can easily navigate through your nutrition plan whether that is FODMAP, low Oxalate, or low histamine. 

Functional Nutrition

Professional Supplements

Your success may depend on dietary supplements and herbal products to help resolve some of your symptoms. 

Finally, get the products that really worked!  Save 15% with free shipping on orders over $50.00.


Weekly Email Check-Ins

Along with consults, you will get weekly email check-ins.  Here you can get your questions answered, additional guidance, and support to stay on track.  If you are struggling with staying on course, this is where you can the guidance you need.  

 How Does it Work?

Comprehensive Functional Nutrition Evaluation

This starts your recovery with a full review of your health history and profile.  At this time, you will be given full instructions on how to get your lab work done.  


Lab Test Review

Most test results are completed in 10 days to 2 weeks.  Your next appointment is a comprehensive review of your test results with your road map to recovery.  This consult will give you a comprehensive protocol that you will follow over the next few months.  Along with this protocol, will be guides, nutrition road maps, and culinary guides to help you succeed.

Over the Next 3-6 Months

The key to success with your recovery is bi-weekly consults tracking your progress.   Most nutrition plans start with a therapeutic dietary and supplement protocol which will be adjusted with your progress.  In some cases, you may have to do additional testing if you are not progressing. 

Nutrigenomics & Epigentics


Why Add On Genomic Testing?

One of the reasons that some people react to these antibiotics while others do not is due to their genes.  There are many different genes variants that can impact how one can manage oxidative stress and mitochondrial health.  Some of the genes involved and nutrient counterparts are:

  • MTHFR – Folate, B12, B2
  • FUT2 – Gut Health, B12
  • SOD2- Protection for Mitochondria
  • COMT, MAO-A – Mental Health
  • DI01, DI02 – Thyroid Hormone
  • Nutrient Metabolism – Vitamin A, D, Magnesium, Zinc

Genomics testings help us to understand why you reacted and gives us clues as to why you are having the symptoms.  Along with an easy to report, your consult brings together the gene variants and how you can support them through nutrition.

Epigenetics Testing & Evaluation

Research shows that fluoroquinolone toxicity activates specific genes that are usually not expressed or silent. Some genes sit silent and are not expressed.  Those genes are similar to software on your computer that are activated when we start up the software.  While other your genes are like your computer hardware, and do not change their expression.

Epigenetics is the science of how those genes are expressed or turned on and off.  The genes or epigenetics that are most involved in being floxed are:

  • Healthy Collagen Synthesis
  • Glutathione Synthesis
  • Optimal Mitochondria DNA

Testing your epigenetics gives you one more piece of the puzzle and can identify why you are not recovering.  Nutrition and lifestyle changes are key to changing to positive gene expression.



Muscle Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Painful Joints

“When I started working with Eileen even the slightest activity (short walks, going up/down stairs) was plainful and left my joint aching.  I wasn't able to do the activities that I loved.  Working with Eileen she got me on the right nutrition plan based on my tests, a few supplements, and I was able recover from being floxed.  She really helped me to understand why my body had been floxed and what I needed to do.”


Anxiety, Nerve Pain, Tinnitus

“Eileen helped me get through one of the toughest time in my life after being floxed.  Her compassion and being there for me as I went through my recovery is probably what keep me going.  If it wasn't for her uncovering the underlying cause of why I was floxed, I probably never would have recovered.  She really goes the extra mile in making sure you succeed in your recovery.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Are consulting in office only? Do you do virtual consulting?

My practice is currently a virtual practice where I use video/phone consults only.  So you can sit back on your comfy couch and begin your transformation. 

Do you take insurance?

At this point I do not take insurance and that is for two reasons.  Most insurance companies do not cover nutrition consulting.  The second reason is this allows me to make the best recommendation for you rather the insurance dicating those decisions as often seen with conventional healthcare. 

Do you offer weight loss programs?

I have extensive experience with weight loss clients and over that time have learned that stubborn weight loss is really a symptom of hormonal imbalances. Launching in July, 2022, my Nutrigenomics Metabolic Program.  Program will include nutrigenomic, metabolic labs, and hormone testing. 

Do you offer group consulting?

Currently I do not offer group consulting however, I am using more programs and modules that are self-guided in my consulting package.    

Do you offer genetic testing and evaluations?

Yes, I do.  Currently I offer testing through the following labs; 3X4 Genetics and Toolbox.  Your health goals and conditions determines which lab I would be using as different labs test for different genomic variants.

Do you offer hormone testing?

Yes, I do.  Using one of the most accurate testing for hormonal levels, DUTCH testing provides not just a testing your hormones but your adrenal health too.