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Gone Gluten Free, Dairy Free? Still have gas, bloat, or worse chronic constipation.


Hooked on digestive aids like laxatives, enzymes?


Totally confused about probiotics, prebiotics?


Blaming your symptoms on what you just ate and still can't get relief??

Heal the Gut, Healthy You!

Have you tried one probiotic after another and still can’t seem to resolve your digestion conditions?

You may be taking the wrong probiotics or, worse yet, taking ones that make your digestion worse.

Or, maybe you have taken one digestive aid after another to try to resolve heartburn, gas, bloat, and chronic constipation.  Nothing seems to help.

So, you try one elimination diet after another, and now you are afraid of food. You have begun blaming all of your symptoms on what you just ate?

It might be time to find out just what is going on in your gut.  And address your imbalances with the right nutrition plan and probiotics/prebiotics that work.

Get started today, Eileen Schutte, Functional Medicine Nutritionist

Struggling With?

The Gut is Ground Zero When it Comes to Our Health

Most symptoms are due to poor gut health or what is called “leaky gut”.

Leaky gut can occur over the years as the microbiome can be impacted by everything from medications, chronic stress, and poor diet.

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What Do My Progams Look Like

All of my programs start with a comprehensive health/nutrition evaluation developing a road map of how your health history has impacted your gut.  Everything from medications, chronic stress, and poor diet can greatly impacted the microbiome.  Your road map to healing start here.

Microbiome testing using GI Map or Gut Zoomer may be recommended.  

What is Microbiome Testing?

Microbiome testing is looking at what is really going in your gut.  Stool testing at your doctor's office is just looking at parasite and possible occult blood.  New microbiome testing uses the DNA of bacteria to determines the balance of our bacterial strains, digestive enzymes, and if you do have a parasite.  

By know what is going on in your gut microbiota, I am able to put together a targeted probiotic and prebiotic protocol that addresses your microbiome imbalances.  And, help you achieve optimal digestion. 

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Healthy Gut Solutions Packages

Begin healing your gut today with my Healthy Gut Solutions Packages!

Functional Nutrition

Comprehensive Nutrition Evaluation

Your health history and profile, helps us to get down to the underlying cause of your symptoms.  And, what nutrition plan that is right for you.  Do you need to be on gluten free, low histamine diet, or FODMAP diet?  

Functional Nutrition

Lab Testing – Microbiome

In most cases, we will work together to resolve your digestion issues.  And balance your microbiome.  

However, if you are still struggling then I may recommend microbiome testing. 


Functional Nutrition

Nutrition Road Maps

Nutrition road maps are the key to your success!  Ever been told what you can't eat?  What about what you can eat?  These road maps are the key to your success.

Culinary Guidance

You will receive an easy to follow cookbook/guidebook.  This will make following your plan a breeze.  You will be able to eat your allowed foods and still put a meal on the table for your family.


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 How Does it Work?

Comprenhensive Health History/Profile

After you booked your package, you will begin your healing journey with laser-focused recommendations to start resolving your digestion symptoms.  If you are also struggling with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, your evaluation will include natural and holistic approaches to start healing your skin.


Review of Test Results 

If stool or other microbiome testing is recommended, these test results will be reviewed with you.  From there you will get your personalized food plan, and dietary supplement protocol.  

In most cases, supplement protocol will need to slowly added into you health plan due to intolerances.  As you build tolerance and your digestion improves, you will move forward.  This usually takes 4-6 weeks.  

Consulting – Guiding You to Success!

The key to success in my programs is bi-weekly consults for at least 2-3 months.  During our time together we will be tweaking your program for you to get maximum benefit.

Sometimes you may have a set back in your progress.  Or, you may have challenges that is impeding your success.  Working together we overcome those challenges assuring success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

At this point I do not take insurance and that is for two reasons.  Most insurance companies do not cover nutrition consulting.  The second reason is this allows me to make the best recommendation for you rather the insurance dictating those decisions as often seen with conventional healthcare.

I do, however, work with you and your healthcare provider to help cover some of the costs of lab testing by providing lab request letters that you can take to your healthcare provider.

Do you offer weight loss programs?

I have extensive experience with weight loss clients and over that time have learned that stubborn weight loss is really a symptom of hormonal imbalances.  Currently I am updating my weight loss/metabolic program that will include genomic testing, comprehensive metabolic blood panel testing, and hormone testing.  My metabolic program are for those struggling to lose weight depsite adhering to a weight loss diet plan and exercising.

Do you offer virtual consulting?

At this point my practice is totally virtual using Zoom and an easy to use platform, Practice Better.  With Practice Better you will have easy access to communicate with me, food journaling, and safe document storage.  

Do you offer group consulting?

Currently I do not offer group consulting but offer private FaceBook groups for added support.  

Do you offer genetic testing and evaluations?

Yes, I do!  The labs that I currently work with are 3X4 Genetics, Nutrition Genome, and Functional Genomics Analysis.  I also offer 23andMe and Ancestry evaluations for specific areas like histamine intolerance, gut and hormone health, and comprehensive nutrient panel including MTHFR.

Do you offer hormone testing?

Yes, I do.  Using one of the most accurate testing for hormonal levels, DUTCH testing provides not just a testing your hormones but your adrenal health too.  In addition to hormone testing, I bring together your genes and how they are impacting your hormone balance.

Virtual Nutrition Consulting

Are you ready to achieve optimal health and want the convenience of staying home for your consults?  All of my consults are virtual, so you can stay at home and get on your healing journey today.  Using Practice Better, I offer an easy-to-use phone app for communication, food journaling, and more!

Not sure how the lab testing works with virtual consulting?  In some cases, I may recommend integrative lab testing where most are at-home test kit.  With other lab testing that includes a blood draw, you will be directed to closest facility.