Functional Lab Testing

Going Beyond Normal Lab Testing

What is Integrative Lab Testing?

Integrative lab testing goes beyond the common labs recommended by your doctor.  Recommendations on what tests to do as well as intepretation should be done by a certified and qualified functional medicine practicioner who has been highly trained in recommendations and interpretation.

GI Health

Integrative testing in GI goes beyond the colonoscopy and evaluates your microbiome, digestive enzymes, gluten intolerance, and microbes. 

Testing includes a full evaluation of the microbiome using advanced stool testing and organic acid testing.

Food Sensitivities Intolerances

Using the most accurate testing for food sensitivities and intolerances including the Wheat Zoomer. 

Testing includes programs and easy to read reports to overcome your sensitivities and intolerances.

Hormone Testing

The most common hormone testing uses serum (blood) and only tests for sex hormone levels. 

More advanced hormone testing uses urine and salvia looking at hormones including cortisol, neurotransmitter levels, and hormone metabolites.

Organic Acid Test 

The one test that I use the most is the Organic Acid Test!  This at-home test is easy to do and opens the door to the discovery of many healing opportunities.  If you have seen the test results, they don't look like much but to the trained eye, this  simply urine test reveals so much!  I have completed the advanced training with Great Plains Labs.  

  • Microbiome Including the Most Accurate Testing for Yeast (Candida) Overgrowth
  • Oxalates Levels
  • Mitochondria Health & Energy Utilization
  • Nutrients Levels – B12, B6, B2, CoQ10, Glutathione, Biotin
  • Neurotransmitter Balance – Dopamine, Serotonin 
  • Genomic Variances Influences
  • Methylation
  • Toxicity – Ammonia 

Currently, I use both Great Plains Labs and Vibrant America's Organic Acid Test.  Learn more about Vibrant America Test. 

GI & Microbiome Testing

Your gut is the grand central station for nutrient absorption, immune support, and for healthy detoxification.  How healthy is your gut?

  • Food Sensitivity Testing & ProgramMRT by Oxford Biomedical tests over 140 food and chemicals for your reactivity.
  • Stool Testing – Microbiome Testing
    • Vibrant America
    • Diagnostic Solutions GI Map
    • Microbiome Labs
  • Organic Acid Testing, Chemicals, Heavy Metals Testing (Hair & Serum)  
    • Great Plains Labs
    • Vibrant America
Nutritionist Functional Nutritionist

Hormone Testing – Is it Right For You?

Did you finally get your doctor to test your hormones and the results were all normal?  Now what?  The problem with the most common serum hormone tests is that they do not test for the right values like estrogen metabolites.  That is why I use the DUTCH hormone tests that tests for all hormones, cortisol and even neuotransmitter levels.  If you are struggling with estrogen domaniance symptoms or have low thyroid, then testing levels is a great way to start your healing journey.

DUTCH Hormone Test 

Using the DUTCH hormone testing which looks not just at estrogen, progesterone and testosterone but cortisol levels.  This test uses dried urine and salvia; one the most accurate methods of testing hormone levels.

In addition, the DUTCH tests for the estrogen metabolites that have been implicated in breast cancer and looks at how you can reduce your risk for breast cancer through nutrition.

Neurotransmitters are tested along with vitamin B12 and vitamin B6.  Package includes comprehensive review consult putting together a hormone balancing program for you.