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Functional Nutrition Assessment

Struggling with an autoimmune condition like psoriasis or other autoimmune skin conditions?  Even hair loss and poor nail growth are related to autoimmune skin conditions. 

When we think of our skin we don’t think of our hair and nails.  Yet, hair and nails are actually modified types of skin.  Often hair loss, skin conditions like dermatitis, are related to our nutritional status.  And, our immune system. 

My Functional Nutrition Assessment gets down to the root cause of your autoimmune skin conditions or hair.  By looking at your past health history and profile, begins your healing journey. 

From there I evaluate your blood values and recommended integrative testing like organic acid testing, putting together your plan of action.  Your plan of action includes a recommended food plan that targets your health condition. 

Included in my food plans are recipe sets, culinary guides, and recommended dietary supplements.  Most health conditions take 3 or months to resolve and I offer an easy to pay a monthly membership.


Functional Nutrition Assessment

  • Are you frustrated with your doctor's answers and want to truly find out the underlying cause of your autoimmune skin condition?
  • Looking for nutrition advice that works instead of trying the same old elimination diets, like gluten-free, dairy-free?
  • Struggling with histamine intolerance?  Did you know that histamine intolerance has a major impact on psoriasis or other autoimmune conditions?
  • My nutrition assessment gets down to the underlying cause of autoimmune conditions and begins the healing process. 

Leaky Gut - Histamine Intolerance

Poor gut health and digestion is one of the underlying causes of skin conditions and autoimmunity.  Functional nutrition uses a very integrative approach to healing leaky gut and resolving histamine intolerance.  

Begin your healing journey today with my FREE Health Assessment. 

Food Sensitivities & Intolerances

One of the keys to skin health is determining if you have developed food sensitivities or intolerances.  Histamine intolerance is a key play in our skin health and autoimmune conditions.  Offering comprehensive food sensitivities and intolerances testing and programs.


Your genomic or genetics can have a huge impact on your skin health and immune system.   Most skin conditions, like skin cancer, psoriasis, runs in families.  

Offering genomic testing and evaluations.  Packages include a full functional assessment looking to see if your genes are having an impact on your skin conditions.

Functional Nutrition Consulting

Restore the Gut

Healthy digestion and balanced gut microbiota are crucial to maintaining healthy and glowing skin.

But over the years, our gut becomes disrupted especially if we have chronic stress topped off with a poor diet.

Rebuilding and restoring the gut starts with my functional nutritional assessment.  Building you the nutrition plan that starts the healing process.

Food Sensitivities & Intolerances

Over the years we can develop food sensitivities and intolerances.   Unlike allergies, they can be resolved.

Food intolerances including histamine intolerance are highly linked to psoriasis and eczema.  But are you going to stay away from your favorite foods like cheese and wine forever??

Start resolving your food sensitivities today with my Resolving Food Sensitivity program.

Nourish the Skin & Genes

The root cause of your psoriasis and eczema may be a nutrient deficiency or imbalance.  Determining the deficiency is part of your functional nutrition assessment.

But if you could determine why you are deficient?  There are many genomic variants that are involved in psoriasis, like MTHFR which can be addressed with nutrition and supplementation.  That is why genomic testing is included in most of my packages.

Other Services


Functional Nutrition

Resolving Psoriasis

As with most autoimmune conditions, the first step is calming down the immune system.  As there is no cure for psoriasis, it is a matter of managing your psoriasis.  And, reducing your flares.  

Food sensitivities and intolerances are key to calming the immune system down.  In most cases of autoimmune skin conditions, histamine intolerance plays a key role.  Your healing journey begins with resolving histamine intolerance and healing the gut.  

Functional Nutrition

Genomic Solutions

Your genetics plays a key role in skin health and even your gut health.  There many variants that you can support through nutrition and begin your healing process.  

Histamine intolerance has many key genetic variants that increase your risk of becoming histamine intolerance.  Offering genomic testing packages that begin you on your healing journey. 

Food Sensitivity Program - LEAP

One of the first steps to healing the gut, balancing hormones, relief from IBS, is food sensitivities testing. Using the most accurate food sensitivities testing, The MRT by Oxford Biomedical tests over 140 food and chemicals for your reactivity.

Included with the MRT test is the LEAP program is a 3-month program that calms and soothes the gut starting your healing journey.  The program includes your own guide, cookbook, and online menu planning service setting up you for success.

Functional Nutrition

Metabolic Health - Weight Loss

Weight loss can be a struggle especially if it unexplained weight gain.  My weight loss program starts with a functional nutrition assessment.  And, a comprehensive metabolic lab blood values.  Healing the metabolism is the first step towards weight loss.  Also offering genomic testing and evaluations as an add on to your weight loss success. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are consulting in office only? Do you do virtual consulting?

My practice is currently a virtual practice where I use video/phone consults only.  So you can sit back on your comfy couch and begin your transformation. 

Do you take insurance?

At this point I do not take insurance and that is for two reasons.  Most insurance companies do not cover nutrition consulting.  The second reason is this allows me to make the best recommendation for you rather the insurance dicating those decisions as often seen with conventional healthcare. 

Do you offer weight loss programs?

I have extensive experience with weight loss clients and over that time have learned that stubborn weight loss is really a symptom of hormonal imbalances.  Both of my weight loss programs work with balancing your hormones and improving metabolic health leading to permanent weight loss.  Please see my Metabolic Health page for more details.

Do you offer group consulting?

Yes, I do.  Group consulting offers a great support system and helps to reduce costs.  Since most of my programs are highly individualized, I generally do a one on one to start with and have clients meets in groups after that.  

Do you offer genetic testing and evaluations?

Yes, I do!  I now offer genomic panels through MaxGen and Nutrition Genomics.  I also offer evaluation of other testing including 23and Me.

 You can also upload your 23and Me data to Nutrition Genomoics if your testing was done prior to August, 2017.  For more details check out my Nutrigenomics page.

Do you offer hormone testing?

Yes, I do.  Using one of the most accurate testing for hormonal levels, DUTCH testing provides not just a testing your hormones but your adrenal health too.  To learn more, please see my Restore Hormone page. 

Virtual Nutrition Consulting

All of my consulting is done virtually through a HIPPA compliant platform known as Practice Better.

Not sure about my lab testing and how that is done.  Most of my lab kits including genomic testing is sent to your home.  Lab testing that involves serum or blood draws are done through Quest Lab facilities.

Start your healing journey today in the comfort of your home.

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