Are you struggling with hot flashes, fatigue, IBS especially chronic constipation and insomnia?  Your hormones may be out of balance and the first step in balancing your hormones is staring with my 28-Day Refresh Detox Program.

Why detox to balance your hormones?  Detoxing heals the gut,  reduces estrogen dominance and improve thyroid function balancing your hormones.


Why do we need to “detox” to balance hormones?

A few too many glasses of wine and too many desserts will take its toll on our digestion leading to IBS, sluggish gallbladder and chronic heartburn.  Eventually poor digestion and even chronic constipation will cause hormonal imbalances.

Our digestion and gut health plays a major role in the management of our hormone levels.  This for a couple of reasons.  First, it takes a great deal of nutrients to properly metabolize estrogens in the liver.  Proper digestion is crucial to nutrient absorption.

Secondly, estrogen dominance will actually make chronic constipation, sluggish gallbladder and even GERD worse.  This creates a vicious cycle – poor gut health imbalances estrogens leading to more gastrointestinal disturbances.  Creating more estrogen dominance.

Detoxing with my 28-Day Refresh Program starts the healing of the gut and providing the nutrients that needed to properly metabolize estrogen.


What is a Successful Detox Program?

With a detox program, the first step in detoxing is the elimination of toxic foods and chemicals – alcohol, processed foods, sugar and reducing coffee.  Coffee actually contains anti-oxidants and other healing nutrients and should be part of your detox program but limited and only with meals. 

Recommended in my program is Purity Coffee – organic and slow roasted to retain antioxidants.

In addition to eliminating as many dietary toxins as possible, it also recommended to eliminate foods that are common food allergens and sensitivities.  Commonly eliminated foods are:

  • Gluten
  • Corn
  • Soy
  • Dairy
  • Peanuts
  • Eggs
  • Commercial meat and poultry
  • Farm Raised Fish like Salmon and Tilapia

What can you eat?  Seems like all of the good stuff is eliminated.  Actually, this is the time to try new foods, and to increase your vegetables intake with seasonal vegetables.

In the fall one of my favorites is spaghetti squash, winter squash and of course, apples.  Make your detox even more powerful with going as organic as much as possible.

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Why Eliminate Sugar?

Getting rid of sugary desserts like doughnuts, cake and cookies make perfect sense during a detox.  But why eliminate all sugar like raw honey or agave syrup?

With foods high in sugar comes high insulin levels to help reduce our blood sugar to normal levels.  And, high insulin can trigger an enzyme known as aromatase which converts testosterone into estrogen (E2) increasing our estrogen levels leading to weight gain and GI disturbances.

This is more problematic in some people that have a genetic variant in an enzyme known as CYP19 and is often seen with women who have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).  By reducing sugar and always eating protein, healthy fats like almond butter, with sugary fruits, will greatly reduce insulin levels.

High sugar foods have a high glycemic index (convert to glucose rapidly) can also lead to heartburn, GERD and other GI disturbances.  Not to mention it can disrupt your microbiome (the good bacteria in the gut) leading to estrogen dominance and even weight gain.

With my 28-Day Refresh program, you will be eliminating processed foods, foods high in sugar replacing with healthy fruits, vegetables, and healthy choices for protein like salmon, legumes (beans, lentils) and healthy fats.

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Elimination of Processed Foods, Reduce Chemical Exposure

The liver plays a key role in metabolizing our hormones especially estrogens.  It takes over 22 nutrients to clear out toxins, metabolites and hormones.

If we have been consuming a lot of processed foods, white flour, fried foods, and few veggies, we eventually will become nutrient deficient.  Especially those nutrients that are needed to detox like B vitamins, zinc, choline and antioxidants.

This leads to hormonal imbalances including poor functioning thyroid hormone.  Over 60% of our thyroid hormone is converted to its active form in the liver.

A sluggish liver means less thyroid hormone leading to weight gain, fatigue, hair loss and if even bone loss.

Estrogen dominance can also be a result of the liver's inability to properly metabolize estrogens.  Not only can this lead to estrogen dominance symptom like chronic constipation it can increase your risk for breast cancer.

Broccoli Cauliflowers CrucifersOne of the key nutrients needed to properly metabolize estrogen is found in cruciferous vegetables; found throughout my 28-Day Refresh program.  They contain a compound called sulfloraphane that plays a major role in the production of glutathione – a key antioxidant that promotes healthy estrogen metabolism.

Whereas my 28-Day Refresh program is a comprehensive with a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, it is not uncommon for me to recommend detox support if you have been struggling with health conditions like autoimmune, chronic GI conditions and unexplained weight gain.

For that recommend introducing multiple vitamin like Thorne Research Basic 2.  Or, I will recommend Thorne Research VegaLite Protein Powder – signing up for my 28 Day Refresh program gives you 15% off all support products.


What does the Gut Have to With Hormone Balance?

In addition to nutrient absorption, our gut microbiome actually plays a major role in both the thyroid hormone and balancing estrogens.

Unhealthy Gut Estrogen DominanceWe now know what is called the estrobolome and what role it plays in balancing estrogens.  A diet high in unhealthy fats and protein can lead to increases in the bacterial enzyme that recirculates estrogens back into our system.

A diet that is rich in fiber and fermented foods helps to support our estrobolome that reduces this bacterial enzyme known as beta-glucuronidase.

Digestive disturbances are a sure sign that our gut bacteria have become imbalanced especially with we have chronic constipation.

Proper elimination is a key way the body eliminates toxins and metabolized hormones.  Increasing fiber rich and fermented foods are key to resolving chronic constipation and balancing hormones.

The gut also plays a role in converting our thyroid hormone into its active form.  Over 25% of our thyroid hormone is actually converted from T4 to T3 by healthy bacteria.  If we have imbalances of our microbiome from poor diet, it is most likely your thyroid hormone is not functionally optimally.


Why Stress Reduction Should Be Part of Your Detox Program

The holidays can be stressful but so can the constant summer parties that eventually to lack of sleep creating stress.

For those of us who live up North, there is no doubt we take advantage of our summer months with the warmer weather with parties, family get togethers and barbeques.  But even that can cause stress.

Top 3 Things You Can Do To Prevent Breast Cancer - Unique Nutrition SolutionsChronic stress eventually causes our bodies to “steal” progesterone to produce cortisol.  This is one of the key causes of estrogen dominance.

This can lead to weight gain, acne, PMS, and horrible periods.  Making time to destress is crucial to rebalancing our hormones even our thyroid hormone.

The first step to “destressing” is take inventory of what stressors can you eliminate or reduce.  May be saying no to a few parties.

Or, taking some time each day to take an email break.  Someone once told me that to always start your day by not looking at your phone or email but instead to take 15 minutes to be by yourself or going “unplugged”.

A successful detox program always includes some destress time so make sure to include that in your program.   A detox bath, sauna or mindful walks are all great ways to destress.



 Are You Ready to Get Started Balancing Your Hormones?

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