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Certified Nutritionist

Autoimmune Solutions

Are You Ready to Take Control over Your Health?

Managing your autoimmune condition like psoriasis or Hashimoto's can take over your life from worrying about what you should or should not eat to whether your medication is working can be exhausting, not to mention frustrating.

And you begin to feel like your health is controlling you!  Are you ready to get back into the driver's seat and be in control of your autoimmune disease?


Functional Nutrition Solutions

Even though you are following all of the diet advice, like the autoimmune protocol, you can't seem to get your autoimmune condition under control.

Using a more personalized approach and your gene blueprint goes beyond the one-fits-all approach, helping you minimize symptoms and better manage your autoimmune disease.

Histamine Intolerance & Autoimmunity

One of the key triggers to autoimmune is food intolerances and sensitivities, with histamine intolerance being the most common intolerance in autoimmune.

Resolving and overcoming food intolerances is key to being able to reduce flare-ups and be in control of your autoimmune disease.


Poor Digestion, Chronic Fatigue, Joint Pain, Skin Rashes & Migraines

Autoimmunity can totally disrupt your life and cause you to miss out on so much.

Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Life?

My programs help you identify what triggers your autoimmune flares so you can better manage your autoimmune disease and feel like yourself again.
Autoimmune Clarity


Diet, stress, hormones, and even your genes can impact what triggers your autoimmune flare-ups.  Become clear to what triggers your autoimune flare-ups.


Fewer Flare Ups

Once you know your triggers, you can begin to manage your autoimmune conditions.  And take back control over your health.

Autoimmune Get Back to What you Love

Doing What You Love

Now you can get back to what you love doing whether that is walking the dog and saying yes, to that party invitation.

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My Autoimmune Program


Are You Tired of The Same Old Diet Recommendations?

Been on the “anti-inflammatory diet” or, worse yet, the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) to help manage your autoimmune disease?  There is no doubt that a restrictive diet like the AIP might help to calm your immune system and reduce symptoms.

But can you stay on this diet forever??

With your gene blueprint, you can begin your personalized journey to become clear on what your triggers are and how to eliminate them minimizing your symptoms.

My Nutrigenomics & Autoimmunity program introduces you to the critical genes you can target through nutrition reducing flare-ups and get into the driver's seat controlling your autoimmune disease.  Program launches in early March, 2022.  Get my on waitlist today.

*Genomic test not required for my program.

Nutrigenomics & Autoimmune Program

Get started on managing your autoimmune disease and nourishing your genes with my program.  Launches early May, 2022!  

Functional Nutrition Solutions

My Programs

Autoimmune Solutions

Autoimmune Solutions

Histamine Intolerance

Histamine Intolerance

Healthy Gut Solutions

Healthy Gut Solutions

Nutrigenomics Solutions

Nutrigenomics Solutions


Chronic Eczema, IBS

“Eileen really keeps on top of the latest research in nutrition. I have learned so much from Eileen and she has really helped me in reaching my health goals. She really knows how to work with women who are suffering with gut health issues and weight management!


Chronic Eczema, IBS

Weight Gain, Brain Fog, Hormone Imbalances

“When I started working with Eileen, I felt like I was not in control of my health.  Struggling with unexplained weight gain, adult acne, hormonal imbalances, and anxiety, Eileen was able to final get down to why I was struggling so much.  She uncovered the possiblity that I had autoimmune condition when the doctors continued to ignore me.  After getting testing, I did have an autoimmune condition.  Working together,I finally was able to reclaim my life!  Can't thank her enough!”


Virtual Nutrition Consulting

Are you ready to achieve optimal health and want the convenience of staying home for your consults?  All of my consults are virtual, so you can stay at home and get on your healing journey today.  Using Practice Better, I offer an easy-to-use phone app for communication, food journaling, and more!

Not sure how the lab testing works with virtual consulting?  In some cases, I may recommend integrative lab testing where most are at-home test kit.  With other lab testing that includes a blood draw, you will be directed to closest facility.