Are You Ready to Unlock The Chains of Autoimmunity?

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Does it seem like your autoimmune disease has taken control over you?

Managing your autoimmune condition like psoriasis or Hashimoto's can take over your life from worrying about what you should or should not eat to whether your medication is working can be exhausting, not to mention frustrating.

And you begin to feel like your health is controlling you!  Are you ready to get back into the driver's seat and be in control of your autoimmune disease?


Eileen Schutte, MS, CN, FMN

Clinical & Functional Medicine Nutritionist

Functional Nutrition Solutions

Even though you are following all of the diet advice, like the restrictive autoimmune protocol (AIP), you can't seem to get your autoimmune condition under control whether that is Hashimoto’s or psoriasis.

Your doctor is not much help either especially when it comes to Hashimoto’s. Using a functional nutrition approach, I help you get down to the root cause of your autoimmune flare-ups.

Resolve Histamine Intolerance

One of the major triggers to autoimmune is food intolerances and sensitivities, with histamine intolerance being the most common food intolerance in autoimmune.

Histamine intolerance promotes inflammation making it harder to overcome autoimmune flare-ups.

As your histamine intolerance expert, I help you resolve histamine intolerance, reduce flare-ups, and get back to eating the foods you love.


Autoimmune Solutions

Over 30 million women in America struggle with autoimmune diseases like psoriasis, Crohn's, and Hashimoto's with few answers from conventional medicines besides medications.

Hashimoto's Autoimmune
Ulcerative Colitis
Celiac Disease
Psoriasis Autoimmune

Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Life?

Using a functional nutrition approach and a more personalized approach rather than just latest diet for autoimmunity, I help you reduce flare-ups and get back to what you love.
Autoimmune Clarity


Diet, stress, hormones, and even your genes can impact what triggers your autoimmune flare-ups.

What triggers one person's autoimmune disease is different for everyone, from being stress-sensitive, having hormone imbalances to food intolerances like histamine intolerance.


Fewer Flare Ups

Using an integrative approach, my programs help you to resolve what may be imbalancing your immune system reducing flare-ups.

Autoimmunity is where our immune system becomes stuck in a pro-inflammatory mode most often due to poor gut health but can also be due hormonal imbalances, chronic stress, or hidden infections.

Autoimmune Get Back to What you Love


Do you feel like your doctor is just giving the same advice that they give to everyone?  Like take vitamin D supplements?  Then there is the confusing diet recommendations like the “anti-inflammatory” diet.

Using functional nutrition and integrative testing like nutrigenomics, my programs are personalized to you and what your body needs.

Do You Have Diet Fatigue?

The diet most often recommended by your doctor for autoimmune is the anti-inflammatory diet. But what is the anti-inflammatory diet?

Other articles will go through a litany of diets, leaving it up to you to figure out what will work for you to help reduce symptoms of Hashimoto's. Or clear up your skin from a psoriasis flare-up.

Then there is the highly restrictive Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) which can lead to diet fatigue. And if it doesn't help, you may start eliminating even more foods or food groups.

Most elimination diets eliminate the foods you need to heal the gut, like legumes (beans), healthy grains, nuts, and seeds.

My autoimmune program starts with a digestion tune-up to heal the gut, personalize food plan,that begins your journey on balancing your immune system. In some cases, I may recommend lab testing like the Wheat Zoomer or nutrigenomics to personalize your program.

Histamine Intolerance and Your Genes

Histamine Intolerance Nutrigenomics Programs
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One of the first recommendations to my clients diagnosed with autoimmunity is to get rid of toxins in the home and their environment.

Ever known someone who can handle a toxic lifestyle like smoking and heavy drinking and not get an autoimmune disease? Well, this is because everyone has different gene variances that can impact detoxification of everything from toxic chemicals to the toxins our bodies produce.

Gene variances can slow your detoxification process leading to oxidative stress and chronic inflammation.

Knowing those gene variances can help you determine the best diet and supplements that will help you better manage your autoimmune disease.

Gut Health

Your digestion and gut health depend upon many genes that help absorb nutrients like vitamin B12. Even your gut microbiota depends on specific genes that help to maintain a healthy balance of probiotic strains.

A lack of enzymes causes food intolerance, and those enzymes' production depends on our genes. Having gene variants in those enzymes can lead to food intolerances like histamine, sulfur, glutamate, lactose, and tyramine.

But you can support those genes that produce those enzymes with specific nutrients like vitamin B6.

Other gene variants can make you more likely to have IBS, gluten intolerance, and gallbladder issues.

Knowing these gene variants helps you personalize your diet and heal your gut.


Did you know that 80% of people with autoimmune diseases are women?

Researchers are still unclear as to why but the underlying factor is estrogen.

Many different genes can impact your hormone balance and your ability to properly eliminate excess hormones, especially estrogen.

The leading cause of estrogen dominance is chronic stress leading to adrenal fatigue and lowering progesterone levels.

Your ability to manage stress, metabolize estrogen, and produce progesterone highly depends on your genes.

Knowing how to support your genes would balance your hormones and help you manage stress better, reducing autoimmune flare-ups.  And may reverse your autoimmune disease.

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Histamine Intolerance

Histamine Intolerance

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Healthy Gut Solutions

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Hashimoto's, Hormone Imbalance

“When I started working with Eileen, I was a mess – emotionally and physically.  Not having any idea why I felt so bad, Eileen got down to the root cause of my weight gain, acne, histamine intolerance, IBS, and hormone imbalance which was Hashimoto's.  Now my hormones are balanced, skin has cleared up, gut healed, and I am at my goal weight.”


Eczema, Psoriasis

“When I started working with Eileen, I had gained weight and my skin was a mess.  After struggling for years, she developed a personalized health plan that was based on my genomics.  And, it worked!  Finally skin healed up and I was able to get down to my goal weight.”


Celiac, IBS Finally Resolved

Since working with Eileen, I have felt so much better.  I no longer have urgent stomach issues due to Celiac and food sensitivities.  I finally feel confident that I can eat before getting into the car.  Was such a relief after seeing many doctors with no answers.  To top it off, I lost weight, drop my blood pressure, and cholestrol.  Haven't been in size 8 jeans in over 10 years.  Thanks to Eileen, I am back into my skinny jeans!




Learn more about how you can heal the gut, resolve histamine intolerance and more.

What is Histamine Intolerance?

What is Histamine Intolerance?

What is Histamine Intolerance? Does it seem like every time you have a glass of wine and a cheese appetizer, you get a headache or even a migraine a few hours later?  You might have histamine intolerance. Both cheese and wine, especially red wine, are high in...

Frequently Asked Questions

About Genetic Testing

Does the type of genetic testing you are offering tell me if I am going to get a devastating disease and die early?

The type of testing I offer is called genomic testing. This form of testing looks at gene variants called SNPs or “Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms” that respond to diet, lifestyle or exercise modifications. Think of this as the form of genetic testing that provides clues to suggest where a clinician can look for efficiencies or inefficiencies in your biochemistry (operating system) that can be improved upon for better health.

How many times do I have to get a test?

Usually you will only need to have one genetic test in your lifetime. We like to think that your genes are stable and don’t change much over your lifetime. We do know however that traumatic events, debilitating environmental exposures, and periods of rapid growth can influence gene expression or behavior.

Though traumatic events, stress, and environmental exposures often cause epigenetic changes that change how your genes behave, these changes do not happen day after day. For most individuals, one genetic test is good for a lifetime

Is there a difference between tests I can buy at a store or online versus one that is through you?

At-Home tests can fall into two categories: The ones you buy directly, or the ones a practitioner would use. The direct-to-consumer tests are ones you order and decipher yourself.

You could consider them like ready-to-go toolboxes that will essentially tell you, "These are your genes, now go and do this.”

These over-the-counter interpretations will most often produce results that tell you what diet is suitable for you, or which supplement is recommended for you.

However, these tests don’t truly open up your genetics, or really detail the full wiring diagram of who you are.

How can knowing my genetic blueprint help my nutrition...and health?

Your genes are signposts that provide insights into possible nutrition weaknesses that can impact your health. Getting to know your genes is the best way to know which areas you can improve on your nutrition, and, importantly, how.

Think of a genomic test as helping you bypass hours and hours of guesswork, countless tests, and money spent on different supplements and diets that, a lot of times, just don't work because they are neither pinpointing, nor addressing the root cause of the issue.

What are the benefits of a genetic test?

Genetic testing reflects your unique blueprint. It's the plan of how YOU are built! Your blueprint provides the best insights into YOU, and removes the guesswork out of "What's wrong with me." Genetic testing provides answers to questions you may have about your health.

Additionally, detailed explanations and insights into health trends in your family and whether they apply to you. Imagine knowing ahead of time that you share the same potential for hypertension, but you are in a position to “head if off at the pass!” That is a powerful position to be in.

Do genetic reports tell me what supplements i should take?

Genetic reports do not directly tell us "you have this gene, therefore you need to do that." And this is why working with a genetic expert comes into play. Clinically relevant reports (AKA those that don’t get sold via the Internet or at the local store) are not designed to be turnkey solutions. These types of reports often look at one gene at a time and suggest a supplement based on a gene result. We call this line-item genetics!