Eileen Schutte

Clinical & Functional Medicine Nutritionist

Offering Unique Nutrition Solutions

Getting Down to Root Cause

After years of struggling with autoimmune skin conditions like psoriasis and lichen planus with little answers from conventional medicine other than yet, one more cream medication.  My last major outbreak of psoriasis was over 8 years ago. 

Before that time I would get small outbreaks of psoriasis and lichen planus but in 2013, my skin conditions were out of control.  Medications were not working and even making them worse. 

That is when I decided to get down to the root cause of my autoimmunity and address my skin conditions with a holistic nutrition approach.  You can resolve psoriasis and autoimmune skin conditions with nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Eileen Schutte Functional Medicine Nutritionist
Functional Nutrition

Autoimmune Skin Conditions

Psoriasis and other autoimmune skin conditions can be frustrating, painful, and embarrassing.  I know what it feels like to struggle with psoriasis and how frustrating it can be just applying creams and lotions that don't work.  

Functional Nutrition

Gut Health

Our immune resides in our gut and having a healthy gut is the key to reversing autoimmune disease.  Even our genes play a role in our gut and our microbiome. 


Histamine Intolerance

After struggling for years with histamine intolerance, it has become my passion to help other reverse histamine intolerance.  My histamine intolerance came down to my genes!  

Integrative & Holistic Approach

When I grew up, medical doctors were thought to be “god like” in many ways. After all my uncle was a cardiologist so our family was highly respectful of medical doctors.

I even started my nutrition studies in the dietetic department (at that time it was in Home Economics) hoping to be part of this medical system.

But after a total misdiagnosis that left permanent nerve damage on my face at age 23 as well as struggling with many different health conditions with no answers – I became very disillusioned and began to question not just our healthcare system but the nutrition advice that was being marketed to be the answer to good health.

My Story

Eileen Schutte, MS, CN, FMN

Throughout my life I have struggled with many different health conditions including hormonal imbalances, inability to manage my weight and digestive conditions.   I followed all of the nutrition advice which made my conditions worse.  But what drove me to where I am today was my doctor diagnosing me as going into early menopause at age 38, and my doctor recommended a hysterectomy.

I began researching hormonal imbalances as I knew there had to be another way and found out that just about everything I had being told from my uncle, my doctor and the latest diet books were wrong.

This began my journey in getting my masters in functional nutrition and what drives my passion today to help others bring nutritional balance into their lives.

  • Masters in Functional Nutrition – University of Bridgeport, CT
  • Certified Functional Medicine Nutritionist
  • Certified LEAP Therapist (Food Sensitivity Program & MRT Oxford Test)
  • Certified G.E.M.M. Gut Repair Praciticioner 
  • Nutrition Genome Consultant
  • Certified LifeCode GX Consultant
  • Advanced Coursework – Culinary Genomics
  • Advanced Training in Organic Acid Test, Microbiome Testing
  • Seeking Certification in ACN Nutrigenomics Certification

My Biggest Passion

My biggest passion is to empower people and transform their attitudes and belief systems away from a defeatist attitude to one where they are in control over their health and live a long and healthy life.

Unique Solutions

Working with you to develop a truly unique solution to start you on your healing journey is why I called my business Unique Nutrition Solutions.

Genomics is the final puzzle piece in developing a nutrition plan that works for you.  For me, genetic testing opened my eyes to why I had hormonal imbalances and helped me to become balanced mentally.  

I found working with Eileen on dietary and other health issues to be a pleasant experience. Her tailored approach made for a plan that was easy to follow, and I found myself feeling more energetic and losing weight shortly after starting the plan. I was amazed at how fast the weight came off, and didn't feel deprived. Overall, I found Eileen to be understanding and knowledgeable in crafting the right nutrition plan for my health and lifestyle needs.


Chronic IBS, Fatigue

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

At this point I do not take insurance and that is for two reasons.  Most insurance companies do not cover nutrition consulting.  The second reason is this allows me to make the best recommendation for you rather the insurance dictating those decisions as often seen with conventional healthcare.

I do, however, work with you and your healthcare provider to help cover some of the costs of lab testing by providing lab request letters that you can take to your healthcare provider.

Do you offer weight loss programs?

I have extensive experience with weight loss clients and over that time have learned that stubborn weight loss is really a symptom of hormonal imbalances.  Currently I am updating my weight loss/metabolic program that will include genomic testing, comprehensive metabolic blood panel testing, and hormone testing.  My metabolic program are for those struggling to lose weight depsite adhering to a weight loss diet plan and exercising.

Do you offer virtual consulting?

At this point my practice is totally virtual using Zoom and an easy to use platform, Practice Better.  With Practice Better you will have easy access to communicate with me, food journaling, and safe document storage.  

Do you offer group consulting?

Currently I do not offer group consulting but offer private FaceBook groups for added support.  

Do you offer genetic testing and evaluations?

Yes, I do!  The labs that I currently work with are 3X4 Genetics, Nutrition Genome, and Functional Genomics Analysis.  I also offer 23andMe and Ancestry evaluations for specific areas like histamine intolerance, gut and hormone health, and comprehensive nutrient panel including MTHFR.

Do you offer hormone testing?

Yes, I do.  Using one of the most accurate testing for hormonal levels, DUTCH testing provides not just a testing your hormones but your adrenal health too.  In addition to hormone testing, I bring together your genes and how they are impacting your hormone balance.